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Emm, yeah Mother’s day happened!

In my defense, I did not finish a full Pizza all by myself ( which I always do) And, a little bubbly never hurted anyone ever. ANd fish is my favorite food( kill me because it was fried)

Yesterday I got to know all my Facebook friends a little too well. Not them, but their family, to be precise their Mom’s. Every possible display picture had mommy dearest posing with their not so little kids. I am not about to start mother’s day bashing here, don’t worry. Judging people is not a habit I enjoy. Well, how would I know if someone truly miss their mom because they don’t live with theirs anymore married. Or someone might be not be able to see hers not in the near future because of living in different continents. I am okay with people doing what they want to do and not judging them.

For me, I got mine her favourite spicy wasabi food when the clock striked midnight. I also thought of cooking for her, but then thought I am anyways cooking this month lol, so we kept it happy and simple with junk and drinks.

I have no words to say about my mom. She is not a typical mom. She is fancy, very well read, and princess-y like. She won’t wake up for me if I have to, because she loves her sleep. She won’t force me to have dinner if I am annoyed, rather will be overjoyed that I might get rid of the extra kilos because of that one skipped dinner. She would never be worried, if I accidently slip in my high heels, rather she would laugh the loudest. You get the idea?

Rather she would cook every possible yummy food from around the world because she knows I love variety ( and not just roti te bhindi). She would take out my food before putting in spices or any strong masala for that matter, because she knows that I would get unwell.  She would never ever shout or be rude ever because she gets it, that raising volume wouldn’t bring anything except coughs, lol. She would encourage me to wear anything, and just say be confident and “feel it Moon, own your look”. She would kick my ass if I do not exercise. She forces me to try makeup, get excited when I colour my hair, is all a child when I come back from shopping. She gets me stuff, when she goes out shopping for herself and never ever gets a single thing for herself ( what’s with mom’s and being all Nirupa Roy?) She gave me the confidence to wear anything and everything with utmost confidence and blaah even when I was 20kgs heavier than what I am now.

She is the one who made cakes every week as long as I can remember. We have had the most horrendous failed cooking experiments in the kitchen together. I have blow-ed the microwave, and she would be like all calm because she was happy alteast I tried experimenting. She can name all herbs in English even in her sleep. And I am here like ajwaayen kya hota hai English mein maa?

This awesome sauce woman never ever stopped me from taking solo trips or basically stopped me from doing anything I have ever wanted to do. She has supported my craziest of dreams, opening an NGO, starting my blog, getting stupid expensive shoes, driving at 17, switching jobs, doing Theatre, learning Dance.   I know Yes is always the answer, if I ask her for anything. Not just saying yes, but then encouraging me, forcing me, kicking my ass If i procrastinate.

Mom’s are not god, they are just mom’s. And I secretly feel that they might or might not have made God.


PS – We as grown up kids now just be thankful and have gratitude for this selfless love and affection and help them in every possible way to make their life a little more comforting, a little more happy. Even if it means getting a glass of water by yourself and helping with the food. Don’t wait for the day when you can surprise her with all the luxuries, rather go step wise and start now.

PPS – I also made an Ice-cream cake for Mother’s day, will post the picture soon. 🙂


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