No Bake Mango Cheesecake

I love Mango Cheesecake, they do take some time but damn the end result worth everything. Although I love good old plain cheesecakes but a little Mango never hurt anyone, right? The Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake which I made last year was epic, recipe here. So this time I wanted to surpass it lol so made the Mango version. Mango Cheesecake INGREDIENTS: FOR BASE – Mix of biscuits ( I took bourbon, Marie, other crackers) – is s½ packets roughlyButter...

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Eggless Sponge Cake

The best sponge cake you will ever have nahi to money return guarantee. My mom aka Rani had almost 8-10 diaries filled up with recipes she had written all over these years. In addition she loved to experiment in the kitchen all these years when I was a toddler. I remember her carefully opening one of her diary, folding the page a little from the side of the recipe she was making that day. Then last year, we switched to...

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Easiest Lemon Tart

I used to make Lemon Tart so often in my college days and this is when I bought this detachable base tart tin. I loved Fruit tarts but somehow I could never go beyond having a piece of it at a time. It is heavy and fills you up instantly. Easiest Lemon Tart My recipe back in the day had so many steps and was quite difficult to be honest. And then I found a recipe, and boom – Easiest...

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Easy Peasy Focaccia

I made Focaccia for 6 times and before finally sharing it here with you. Made a disaster inside the kitchen too which is okay I think, as long as you clean it duh! I am in love with Focaccia would be an understatement. It is flavourful bread full of herbs and I would love to call it the Dessert of breads. To be honest, my family and I would shamelessly buy 4-5 loafs in one go (life before Quarantine) and...

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Quickest Shahi Paneer

Super Quick Shahi Paneer because patience is not our virtue but we still fancy something indulgent? Yes please! Ingredients: Paneer (duh)Kaju – 18Tomatoes – 5 Onion - 3Ginger Garlic paste – 1 Tb spoonCurd – 1 cup Kasoori Methi – 2 tb spoonSalt – Swaad AnusaarShahi Paneer MasalaCream – Swaad Anusaar, I added half pack, so 100ml. Made tomato Onion Paste a day before lalalaaa. Basically you put tomato and Onion with 2 tb Oil and cook them till they...

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Cake Crumb Topping

Best Gheeya Cake

I always used to see the fancy videos of foreigners with that crazy cake crumb topping layer over their cupcakes and used to drool. Well I found out, you can use this cake crumb recipe to put on ANY cake and it would make the top damn yummy and crispy. Crumb Cake Topping INGREDIENTS: Atta/Maida - 12 tablespoonCinnamon - 1 teaspoon Butter - 4 tablespoon (melted)Brown Sugar(granulated ONLY) - 6 tablespoon PROCEDURE: Mix everything together and the mixture should form...

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Aahana Resort in Corbett

Aahana Resort is situated near the Bijrani zone of Corbett National Park. It is a beautiful lush green resort surrounded by the forest and is just a 5 hour drive away from Delhi. The fresh air, warm staff  and the stunning view makes the stay even more memorable. Aahana Resort Jim Corbett Aahana Resort Jim Corbett ABOUT THE RESORT – Spread over 11 acres, the property is absolutely blissful to stay at. There were so many activities inside the resort...

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Writing Aquaphobia in caps above made me feel at ease that I have finally accepted it and it's out in the open. These cool lingos come up every other day and I had no clue that what I felt about water since years had a name too. So let's dig in some past. I have done Deep sea diving and snorkelling multiple times. Nobody have forced me to do it. But yes, I have created a scene because I freak...

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