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My city is on a record breaking spree! A bit annoyed maybe that how can girls look so hot when the Sun is there to do the needful? Apart from my not so great sense of humor, what is keeping Delhi busy these days is people getting unwell quite frequently.  Lately, most of the people I have been speaking to are keeping unwell. Most has to do with again the weather. As much as any doc says that “8 glasses of water in a day” is a must thing, most of the 8 glasses there are filled up with sodas and other drinks if I may say so.

For good days, we have our lassi, lemonade to the rescue too. And for most of the people water is too boring, plain, and bland to be drinking all day round. C’mon we all know if water tasted sweeter and had bubbles then no one would ever forget drinking it. I wanted to come up with something absolutely easy which we can do on daily basis. I have been having it for quite some time now and it is absolutely refreshing. So people, I am talking about Infused water. As a science student I like the name. It’s quite fancy. So next time anyone is going to ask me, what am I drinking? My cool reply would be “Infused waahhter, what else!?”

So basically you put some fruit in the water and keep it in fridge. And let it “infuse” the water with its flavor. And then keep sipping it all day long. It would work great for anyone who is fond of sweet-drinks, as the natural sweetness of the fruit would come in the water. You would save quite a good amount of calories.  Anything for lesser calories! You are welcome, people!

If you are my kind who loves pretty drinks then you would love infused water too. How cute is small colorful pieces swimming in your tumbler. Also, If may must confess, well you know what is the most-est difficult thing for me to do while going out?  Ordering a drink! There I said it. I have the hardest time choosing a drink. Well reason being I cannot tolerate sugar. NO, not because I am always calories conscious about it. As my family tells me, I would puke if they used to put milk in my sugar when I was a juvenile. So I guess I was born with it. So it’s hard for me to explain the staff at café’s that I need less less less no sugar. Also I don’t drink tea or coffee, so that always helps in not being able to choose what to drink. I wish I could go out and just ask one glass of plain fresh Milk. Wish it was that easier.  So explaining you all this means, that guys please tell me what to order when going out? You might know of drinks which would fulfill me above criteria. I will always be thankful! (Don’t suggest hard drinks please, I know my these babies well by now)  So it’s hard not to guess that Infused water is a savior in my life!

I don’t want anyone of the beautiful people out there to get unwell or dehydrated. Not just summers, we need to hydrate our bodies all the year round. So go make yourself some and enjoy. And it’s super easy too! I carry it to my work and usually most of the places I go to. Mason jar and sippers travel well in my bag.

I will give you 5 classic Infused water options which I swear by:


Things to remember:

* Take 1.5-2 liters of water.

* Take 5-8 small pieces of each fruit.

* Mint is supposed to be coarsely bruised by hands before adding into the water, so the flavor reach the water.

* Add not more than 2-3 wedges of lemon at one go. Otherwise what you will get is bitter water.

* After adding everything, keep the water in the fridge for 2-4 hours and then drink.

* Infused water can be stored for upto 3-4 days. I usually use it in a day or a day and half max.

* If you store it more than that, you might get muddled water which you can’t drink.

* You can peel the skin of lemon before adding it in the water to avoid very strong lemon taste.

* Carry the infuse water wherever you go.


Also guys – This is not a fruit juice! There is a reason it is called Infusion. You will get the minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from this water. Please don’t expect it to taste like juice.


Keep glowing, be healthy, and keep sipping Infused water!



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