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Eggs are the most versatile little things ever. While I love mine to be 3/4 fried with runny yolk ( that is a thing, my friend), but I do like this Pizza Omelette too. I can safely say I invented it yes yes yes lalalaaaa long back when I used to crave Pizza at odd hours. Now it’s a favorite and a weekly food at my place, my mom loves it. I finish it off with lots of cheese and it if looks could kill then that was it. Though as I have given up on trying to  processed food items, I had it minus the yummy gooey fat.

I had Dalia/Cracked wheat to give me company, which I had topped with Green chutney and Mustard. Thou shall always need a chutney, when there is no curry, right?!

Pizza Omelette with Dalia

  • Add cheese on a cheat day, otherwise just sniff the cheese.
  • Finish off with Flax seeds
  • Make an omelette with all colors of vegetables ( I used capsicum, tomatoes, corns)
  • Take two whole eggs ( yes the yolk too)
  • Make Dalia to go with the Omelette
  • Serve with some healthy Chutney of your choice
  • Yes, mustard is NOT, but it was teeny tiny and I love it with eggs.

– Non egg people can replace egg and add veggies directly to Dalia.

– Or you can add the veggies to grilled Tofu for that added protein.

– You guys must must have Soybeans at your home if you are vegetarian. ( proteins)


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