Sautéed Veggies

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So yes i have a confession to make. Food makes me happy. As much as i love to gorge on yummy-licious food, i am equally crazy about fitness.

Is it normal or it is just me. I mean as much as i love calorie laden heavy deep fried stuff, I love healthy food equally. So don’t be surprised if my lunch is butter chicken with garlic naan and dinner will be steamed veggies. I know a lot of people go for light dinner and we should. My point is i love healthy food, i enjoy eating it. It’s not something that i am eating because i ‘should’. You get my point,right!?

Anyhoo coming to the recipe, it’s my go to recipe. i make it around 3-4 times a month.I feel my palette is not much Indian.Since childhood i don’t eat salt(much), no sugar, no spice.(Still i was obese,why? So am i adopted!?) Basically bland food with lemon. I love lemons. Whenever i cook something for myself, its usually eaten by me(only). Or else if it looks really tempting family put their spices and eat it too.

Doesn’t Broccoli look like tiny trees? I know am obsessed with it. It’s so cute. As i prefer seasonal produce, so i make most of it in winters. You can cook with any vegetable of your choice.


*Vegetables:  Broccoli, red and yellow Capsicum, Mushrooms, Baby corns, Zucchini, Tofu

* Oil for spraying

* Herbs : Oregano, Parsley, Garlic powder

* Sesame oil


* Wash, clean and cut the vegetables.

*Take a wok, put on a very high flame, spray some oil(1/2 tsp) and add any one vegetable. I don’t mix all the vegetables together as they lose it original color.

*Put Broccoli, saute for 4-5 minutes, take out and keep aside.

* Add Baby corns and repeat the previous step. Mushroom and Tofu won’t require any oil. You can just dry roast them on a very high flame.

*When all vegetables are done, then on a medium flame now put all veggies together.

*Add herbs.

*Put a teaspoon of sesame oil while serving.

* Eat

This quantity would last me two days atleast 🙂

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