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Hello guys and girlies,
You have entered a very healthy blog today. Now for next one month, you will see a lot of healthy and nutritious meals here. If you have stuck around with me since last two years then you know I did a “Healthy Breakfast challenge” last April for 30 days for which the response was good amazing!  You can check the Archives from April 2015 here.
This year I again asked you guys on Snapchat if I should do the same challenge now for my Dinner meals and the response was positive. And here I am again for the first time in my G1 cooking dinner after work everyday (with mom’s help here and there lol) for next one month and sharing with you guys what I eat.
I would like to believe that I have a good nutritious diet and I love healthy food and find it extremely tasty too. Just a lot of snacking( read dark chocolate desserts and cocktails) here and there make the weighing scale #lalaland.
I would try to post the meal in the morning everyday( need to be a day ahead then) and share with you guys all the recipes. Live updates on Snapchat friends too. Also, recipes would not take more than 20 minutes to cook because no Biryani in the kitchen, okay!?

Starting from 1st May 2016, I had Whole wheat fake Pesto Pasta because I can’t help it if the month starts on a cheat day itself, haha. Just kidding, the Pasta was healthy and yummy.

Whole Wheat fake Pesto Pasta
– Whole wheat Pasta ( a bowl)
– Spring onion greens(stems), Spinach, Mint, Coriander ( Ideally Pesto sauce is made from Basil, but I used all the left over greens in the fridge, hence the name “fake” Pesto)
– Handful of peanuts and Corns
– 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic
– Seasoning ( I used Black pepper, little Chili flakes & Oregano)
– Pumpkin seeds ( Love crunch in my food)

– Boil the pasta
– Blend all the greens, garlic and peanuts and make a paste.
– Cook the paste for 7-8 minutes and add boiled pasta and corns.
– Add the seasoning and seeds
– Eat

* The meal is very filling and I cannot survive on soups for dinner. I know the thing “Dinner like a pauper” is THE thing but then limit the quantity of food you eat and don’t be a hungry Lion. I am not sure why a lot of people avoid carbs at night, there is no science behind it. I feel and from what have studied I think every meal should be nutritious. And If your prime concern is losing weight then eat ONLY home cooked food and make the portion size half of what you take usually.
* If you have any questions, queries or any feedback then please feel free to mail me or Snapchat me @shadesofmoon for immediate response.

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