Ninja Breakfast 3



Something warm and colourful for a rainy day
Poha + Orange green tea,
Also, I hope you not going crazy and having the whole kitchen for dinner!
Poha/Chivda is very filling and I guess every family has their “own” recipe when it comes to this. I usually add peas, corns, tomatoes, peanuts and lots of coriander in mine.
For Green tea, I am not very fond of it, but I do add something extra to get some taste. Today it was an Orange slice. It tasted divine if I may say so myself.
I hope you remember to have Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Pauper.
Basically eat like an Inverted triangle to not look like a triangle yourself. Does that even make sense?
I hope you remember there is no “ideal” weight or size. Whatever feels good to you and your body is your ideal weight. So let us work towards fitness and not just shredding weight. And FYI skipping meals leads to weight gain. So eat eat eat eat but with your eyes open.
Rise and Shine!

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