Ninja Breakfast 1



Once upon a time there was a girl who looked like boy, dressed like a boy and ate like a boy. So no boy would look at her like a girl and she was ‘the bhai’ of all the guys. She was very active in sports and dance but her weight never left her as it didn’t know how to live without her. One fine day when she entered college,she said enough is enough and I need to be fit( only an only cuz she wanted to wear fashionable clothes and not look weird). Also while in medical school she started studying nutrition too. She made her eating habits her focus and lost almost 30kgs without any gym. She has been super proud of herself ever since. After maintaining her weight for quite many years now, she again gained unwanted calories and is determined more than ever to get back to her fit mode now.

So she’s starting a #Breakfast series (that’s all she can cook and love dearly) for a month and will try to keep herself and some like minded people motivated through daily dose of Breakfast pictures.




Today’s :

*Whole wheat bread + mustard + Boiled egg + tomatoes + corainder



** I love how mustard tastes with egg. You can skip it too. Breakfast is all about your personal favorites first thing in the morning. I am just giving ideas, you can adapt it according to you own taste and have fun!

Rise and Shine!

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