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I would be lying to say that i was recently introduced to the joys of online shopping. The love started a long long time back, when people would question my ability to “trust” the unknown site/sites so easily. To be honest, I am NOT lazy or anti social that I like to shop in the comfort of my room, actually I go out quite a lot ( all day everyday) and not check-in on my social media, to avoid spamming the poor souls. Though sometimes I have to when it’s work related. The point is online shopping gets you better discounts, have more brands and there is so much to choose from. And if I am out in the mall, then you would find me eating or window shopping so I can compare the prices online later( Yeah I am fancy like that, duh!)




Coming back to the post before my fingers wander again to someplace new in this write up. Basically, I absolutely love and adore checking out the million options to shop before I sleep, my favorite being shopping from the Jabong App.  Now Jabong itself is a huge brand and needs no introduction and when they came up with the app I was more than happy to download the big shopping world into my phone. Now my tiny fingers scroll through the app looking for best deals and discounts in between work breaks all the time.
Let me make it easy and be a good teacher today for my readers and put pointers –
* It updates and reminds you about ALL the sales and their timings.
* You are permanently logged in to your account and your address is pre-saved. And you keep getting reminders when your order is about to reach.
* It shows the best price and sale coupons valid for the day on its own.
* I do not need to switch on the laptop, log in, and then go through it.



Shopping is therapeutic, and it shouldn’t feel like work. And thanks to Jabong App it is easy peasy meditation.
To be honest the pictures you see today in this post, are completely different from what were supposed to be posted here. I got myself a bag three days back and clicked pictures of my shopping experience through the App for you guys. Sadly, I did not like the inside of the bag and decided to return it. ( For those you thinking, yes inside of the bag is a very important thing in my life)
Anyhoo, I raised a return request the same evening I received it by just pressing a button through my App( just this and nothing else, I swear) and the kind people from Jabong were there to take it the very next day in the afternoon. This is how easy it was. And thus students, 4×5 = 20 and shopping from Jabong is easier than that.

For more on shopping from Jabong, check my previous post here.


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