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I am running one day late on my posts, so that’s why two posts today 🙂

You remember those packaged Masala oats we get in small packets, well i do. Because every time I used to do Grocery shopping, around 10 packets would automatically land up in my basket. I knew packaged and preservatives in one line ain’t good, but then it was a lesser evil than noodles I would say to my brain.

Then one day, i went to my mom’s best friends place and there I had this beauty and had to re create it according to my taste buds. So masala out and veggies and seeds in and my 5 min dinner is ready whenever I am dying of hunger after work.

Masala Oats

  • Plain rolled oats ( one small bowl – I use Quaker’s )
  • Veggies ( I added Peas, carrots, tomatoes )
  • Greens ( Corainder and mint)
  • Turmeric ( It looks good when it’s yellow :-D)
  • Salt

– Take 2.5 bowls of water for 1 cup of oats ( Keep the ratio 2.5 : 1 for any quantity)

– Boil water and add everything

– Keep it on simmer for 4-6 minutes and keep stirring it so it does not get sticky.

– Serve with roasted Flax seeds and Sunflower seeds

– Make it look pretty with a mint flower on top and Eat!


* I buy all my seeds from Naturally yours, buy here

* Oats re filling and healthy as it has loads of fibre.

* It helps reduce hunger pangs, though scientifically proven, but ask me 😉


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