Easiest Lemon Tart

I used to make Lemon Tart so often in my college days and this is when I bought this detachable base tart tin. I loved Fruit tarts but somehow I could never go beyond having a piece of it at a time. It is heavy and fills you up instantly.

Easiest Lemon Tart

My recipe back in the day had so many steps and was quite difficult to be honest. And then I found a recipe, and boom – Easiest Lemon Tart in the history of Lemon Tarts was made.

The crust, before putting it in fridge. And after one hour in tin just before baking.

Check out the recipe here

The changes I made were:

  • I mostly read the reviews before baking and a lot of people mentioned that their tart crust shrink-ed once it was baked so I rolled out the dough on my cutting board and put it in the fridge for almost 45 minutes before baking it.
  • Also, reduced the sugar to almost half in the filling as the crust also had sugar. Thanks to reviews.
  • I topped mine with these cute puffed rice balls which made the tart look like it was out of food heaven.
  • Always make it a day in advance for it to set it properly.

My Dad LOVED this tart so very much. It was simple and had a burst of flavor.

If you don’t have tart tin, you can make it in Ramekins, or small cake tin lined with parchment paper will also do. I love lemon way too much but somehow tarts aren’t my favorite kind of desserts. But I knew my parents would like it, plus I think it looked the most dreamy out of all the desserts I baked.

Lemon Tart

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