Ninja Breakfast 22



What you do when life gives you celery (loads of it), you make Celery spread. I know lame. Well, I had some leftover greens from my Smoothie two days back and I wanted to use them before they wilt.
I came up with something really simple and tasty.
3-4 Celery sticks + 2 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise = Awesome green spread
You can use it on Bread spread, tacos, dip, Roti rolls, basically anything edible.
I got up really hungry (at 6am), so I made myself some nice two minute Breakfast.
One toasted slice of Masala bread with Celery spead and some Chocolate Peanut butter on other slice + Soy milk.


1. Improve Lipid Profile
2. Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity
3. Promote Weight Loss
4. Prevent Prostate Cancer
5. Prevent Postmenopausal Syndromes
6. Prevent Osteoporosis


Soy milk is really yummy and it has so many Nutritional benefits too. It is easily available in any shop these days. I will also link some website from where you can buy it sitting at home.
The only thing you MUST check before buying are the Ingredients on the pack. See the amount of Soy milk (20% is good), check Sugar content. Checking Ingredients always before buying is a very good habit as you will know what is going inside your body. Companies play really smart these days, they write it so small and insignificantly on the box as they know most of the people do not check it.


Hope you try the stuff I mentioned today.
Have a Hydrating day!

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