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There is a world inside Pita pockets. You can put whatever you desire in this little pocket and savor the last bite. Plus they are easy to carry, store and eat and I would always prefer these over sandwiches.

Do not listen to me as to what to be put inside these little cute rounds of awesomeness. Because I have never made the same Pita pockets twice ever, as in there is so much you can do with them.

Pita bread is Lebanese (Arabic) food item and the fact I love the food( of that country) is because it is simple. I love my food bland with minimum seasoning. Ask my family and they’ll tell you how I detest salt too, or save that for sometime later. But Lebanese Restaurant is some place where I always go to if I have to dine out alone.

Coming back to the recipe now:

Pita Pockets

  • Pita Bread ( 1 is enough for you, do not overeat)
  • Veggies ( of your choice, or any leftover cooked veggies would do to)
  • Hung curd with garlic ( to be used as a sauce )

– Cut the Pita bread into half. They are easily available at most supermarkets now, else use a wholewheat(only) Pizza base.

– Pita bread comes up with pre cut pockets inside them. If using Pizza base, cut it if possible else fold it into half.

– Fill the pocket with Hung curd and add all veggies and seasoning.

– Grill it over a pan, grill, tandoor or oven. They just need to be a little crispy.

– Taadaa you are done. 1 Pita bread would make two pockets and they are very filling.

– Eat immediately.


* You can make them using boiled eggs and corainder. I love one with sprouted daal and tomatoes too. Or if you are a Carnivore then try hams or Seekh kebab.

* You can add any dressing and make it like a Sub. If healthy is your priority then I gave you the option. Hung curd it is.




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