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Not the best looking pictures, but was yummy. We call it Arbi, world calls it Taro/Colocasia. Arbi is a root vegetable which is great as it has a lot of health benefits ( which I talk about in the end of the post like always)

There are many ways you can cook Arbi, and it always tastes great. I had two ice creams today, so kept the dinner a little sane.

Also, one new thing I have started is cooking food in Coconut Oil ( not the Parachute one okay lol) This amazing oil has so many health benefits that it a MUST to be included in our food choices. We as North Indians, might feel a little weird thinking about it, though in Southern side it is a common practice to use it everyday in the Kitchen. It does not smell ( let us not compare it with Parachute please :-p) and make the food flavorful. It is often described as “The Healthiest Oil on Earth”. No wonder the West is going crazy with Coconut Oil in “everything” now.

Some benefits of Coconut Oil and you can buy it here ( certified organic coconut oil & free home delivery)


  • ¬†Thyroid-stimulating
  • Get candida in check
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps keep diabetes in check
  • Reduces heart disease
  • Supports the immune system
  • Good for the skin
  • Nourishing for the brain
  • ¬†Speeds Recovery

* Buy Coconut Oil for cooking, Pack of 1 – here

* Pack of 3 – here

* Pack of 5 – here


Here’s the recipe:


Dalia with Veggies and Arbi

  • Arbi ( The way you cook it. My mom pan fries it with tomatoes, using Organic Coconut Oil for food)
  • Dalia, leftover from yesterday which i consumed plain, but today I added some veggies, recipe here
  • just added Capsicum, carrots, tomatoes, peanuts, coriander to make it more filling and yummy.


Arbi benefits:

– Arbi/Colocasia root is great for digestion and weight loss.

– It has more than 17 Amino acids + Omega 3 fatty acids ( veg fish, maybe? )

– It contains high amount of fiber which boost the digestive process.

– One of the best sources of Vitamin C.


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