Rock it like Rihanna

You must be wondering what is it with the title of the post today. Well, for starters can we appreciate how edgy and unique Rihanna’s style is; she can literally pair up anything with anything and still rock it. Most of it I feel comes up the way you feel inside. If you are really confident of what you wearing then it shows up in your personality and even in the way you walk( or rather strut) out of that meeting/gym. Remember her pairing almost everything with shoes!? I do. That was my inpiration for this post. She makes the whole “wear the dress and not the dress wear you” saying kind of believable. And did you know Rihanna is the Creative Director of Puma? What do you expect when two powerhouse of talent come together, hello Magic!

When I got to know about the contest through one of my favorite website Popxo ( have you downloaded the app yet?) I was more than willing to participate. One of the lucky winners would get to fly all the way to USA to meet Rihanna. Is it for real? Yes yes, pinch yourself because IT IS. And you can participate too. All you have to do is wear your favorite PUMA product and post the picture here. Also, it would be really awesome if you could click here and vote for me. I am just a girl standing (virtually) in front of my readers , asking them to vote for me. So I can meet my style Icon in my favourite place (Yes, Notting Hill :-p)

Let’s come to my look finally. If you know me, then you might know about my love for colors. I bought these gorgeous pair ofย  classic Puma shoes from Myntra and chose to plan my outfit around it. I wore my trusted and over abused pants ( from Old navy) and paired it with a matching blazer( from Zara) to give it a Suit kind of feel. And to add the femininity to this androgynous look, I wore a black shirt with lace cuffs, because why not!? Makeup was zilch except the bold lips.

Style is all about your personality and you, and I was 100% happy with my outfit and how comfortable yet edgy it was, I sure am inspired by the Superstar Icon Rihanna and rocking that green suit with all my confidence.

Let me know what you think about it ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you like it even teeny bit then don’t forget to vote ๐Ÿ˜€ HERE







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