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This morning I realized that Delhi winters are here to stay. So as the people from all over the world fill up my Insta feed with shorts and bare legs. I, my friends would try to be all fancy here and not get jealous thanks to the Burberry people out there who this Fall/winter taught us the common mortals the art of belting anything which looks like a common everyday scarf.
So ofcourse if you too are about to give up repeating the same jackets every damn day and have atleast five tabs opened on your laptop from different shopping sites with carts as heavy as your newly acquired gorgeous winter weight then I have a suggestion. Take a deep breathe my friends and read on.
Our homes are filled up with shawls and scarves of all shapes, color and sizes. And it’s time to take them out for a walk but in a glam new avatar. Basically just take a scarf and put it around your neck and then belt it around your waist. The best thing is you can experiment with so many colors and different types of belts. For instance a wide black studded belt with boots with a monochrome scarf would make you go all rock chic. And a tiny belt with a pastel scarf and pointed heels would work for any formal event.
What I did here is instead of using scarf I used this shawl “made by naani” which has this long triangle trail which makes me feel like a super woman. Can’t you see my cape, duh!
As this New Year is not new anymore and I suck at making resolutions as I believe how can I change of what I was on 31st December and be a new me on 1st January. What I do is I have my to-do lists for which I take my own little sweet time. One of the things I have there is to re invent clothes already in my wardrobe. And with this post I can safely say yooohoooo I did.


With the coming posts from now on I would deal with atleast one challenge from my to-do list. Between there is nothing more exciting than cutting off those things with a pen. Let’s see how it goes.
So apart from getting rid of the enormous amount of weight, what are your resolutions? I would love to know.


Turtle neck – H&M  |  Shawl – Home made with love 🙂  | Jeans – Levi’s |

Shoes – Worn here  |  Belt – here and here | Leather gloves – Paris  |


Photography –  Ayush Choudhary


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  1. You have an exceptional and fabulous sense of fashion. So classy and chic..Everything here looks just perfect. I especially love the classic leather gloves which enhances the look. Sadly we don’t find many women here in india wearing these..

  2. Thankyou Anushka, that is so sweet of you to say! Leather gloves are love:) Thanks!

  3. You are most welcome. Your blog is one of the best I have come across.

    I love everything about winters and the whole winter look with coat, boots, scarves but my favorite winter accessory are definitely the gloves. That’s why loved them the most & commented on them. I wish I lived in colder countries like UK or USA to try this kinda fashion. I am craving for leather gloves like these here in Delhi, but couldn’t find a decent pair. Even if it gets cold, most women wear those knitted woolen ones. But these leather ones look ultra chic.

    Keep up the good work & keep inspiring others. Lots of love.

  4. Thankyou so much Anushka!
    You can always wear gloves as an accessory. Also check ebay and Amazon(or other online websites) for gorgeous leather gloves.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks xx

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