Winner Dinner 18


Black rice are the most healthiest rice ever. Then why we as a World are still obsessed with White ermm skin rice. Black rice are also called as Forbidden rice ( And forbidden is always good, right!?) They have lots of health benefits and are full of antioxidants. Eating rice without the guilt? Well, make these babies your best friend. Although they aren't easy available in the market, but you can always order easily from These guys are my...

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Winner Dinner 17


For the days, when you feel so hot that you need to get over with the dinner and run for a shower and sleep or do Instagram in that chilled ac room. Yes one of those days, my friend. Delhi summers have reached an awesome level of boiling. Sweat comes out from places we never knew existed and had the ability to sweat. If you ask me I am not very fond of ac either. I am more of open...

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Winner Dinner 16


Eggs are the most versatile little things ever. While I love mine to be 3/4 fried with runny yolk ( that is a thing, my friend), but I do like this Pizza Omelette too. I can safely say I invented it yes yes yes lalalaaaa long back when I used to crave Pizza at odd hours. Now it's a favorite and a weekly food at my place, my mom loves it. I finish it off with lots of cheese and...

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Winner Dinner 15


I haven't come across anyone who doesn't love the good old Rajma Chawal. I still don't know what is it about them that make everyone go weak in the tummy knees. Just as when I was about to dive into this glorious mess, my brain reminded me about the #winnerdinner challenge going on and I just stopped. I replaced the nice cumin infused, a meter long basmati rice with Dalia(leftover). And trust me you guys, I couldn't feel any difference...

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Winner Dinner 14

iphonee 809

I had a great Saturday, with insane amount of good food at someone's place I visited. What do you do when you see a LOT of yummy food on the table. Eat it all, I would say. I did limit my portion size, but what to do when there is so much to taste from. You know the story from Snapchat, don't you! You saw ALL that food, don't you! Don't blame me then ;-) For dinner I was full,...

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