Lotus Bloom


    Anybody who has ever observed a lotus flower emerging from a murky pond cannot fail to see the beauty of this exquisite plant. It says a lot about how when we are deep in our problems and think it's the end of the world only then we truly grow as a person and shine. If you notice, I have tried to play with different backgrounds and different edits for all my pictures here, signifying the varied problems we...

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Fall and Dragonfly


      I know fall is not here in India yet and the Blog post name can be a little deceiving in that sense if you ask me. In my defense I can say that it is not fall yet, but good enough to go for light layers and I do light layering all through the year. I love how an outfit gets a new dimension by just adding an extra layer. This long tee is one of my...

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Cape is a Shape


I am extremely moody when it comes to dressing up. On some days no matter how important the occasion is, I can't bring myself to look put together. My brain stops reacting to clothes, and I stand blank in front of my closet. So now you know this girl is not one of those people who plan their outfit the day before. She wears exactly what she feels like that particular moment and now you may know why she get...

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My go to Skincare Products for Flawless Skin


When adolescence hugged me in my teens, it got me a lot of gifts including a face full of pimples. I got pimples all over my face, which I could only notice after two years of their inception because I wore my first spectacles at that time. Prior to that, my life was flawless(and hazy). Dad being a doctor suggested forced that I stay away from medicines and concentrate on my studies. My family made sure to tell me that...

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Sangria Weekdays


  The title pf the post has nothing to do with Sangria, well except it is the only colour in my monochrome outfit. C'mon you guys the week has just started and all you think about is the Sangria like I do. :-p The kind of work I do require me to dress up a certain way, which makes my mind go on a creative trip and come up with ways to add my personal touch to all the boring...

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