Off that Shoulder


A new trend is born almost every Season, while some I usually say bye to and some become an integral part of my existence. I would be lying if I say being a blogger made me "fashionable", I am still the same tomboy. And I was always aware/informed about ALL the trends doing the rounds around the world because it used to interest me ( That is why love for blogging, right?) But what good blogging has brought me is...

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Winner Dinner 30


And the final day of our 30 day WinnerDinner challenge is here. I wanted this to be simple and something realistic. I am sure you guys now have enough options to choose healthy over anything else ( 3o freaking options people!) You know one of those days when you are too tired after work and still want to consume a slightly healthier option. You don't want to order because it will take at least 30 minutes, and you ain't got...

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Winner Dinner 29


  I know I have been MIA with two days of my pending WinnerDinner challenge. Blame it on eating out ( if you follow me on Snapchat, you know what I am talking about). Today's dinner is super easy and something we can make out of our regular food if and when we are bored of seeing the same old stuff on to the plate. I love it, my family loves it way too much than I do and it's...

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Winner Dinner 28


Quinoa to my rescue! You guys HAVE to give this super grain a shot and know what I am talking about. I have praised this wonder food enough in my previous blog post here. It looks like Bajra( Pigeon food) - for reference. It doesn't have a taste of its own and you can use it as a fantastic substitute for White rice, Dalia, Khichdi. It is also used a lot as Breakfast food with milk, which I posted last...

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Winner Dinner 27


If you guys noticed ( you should have) I steered clear from making any non vegetarian choices all of this month on #winnerdinner. I do understand a lot of people are vegetarians and I too wanted to push my boundaries and stick to simple stuff. Which by the way, doesn't mean I did not eat non veg, I did almost everyday but not for dinner (except review days) and I am super proud of starting something and sticking to it...

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