Destination Wedding Travel ootd


With Destination marriages being the flavour of the season, we need one extra β€œtravelling to the venue” outfit too. This makes for a very important part and need to be ticked off from the to-do list ASAP. For those of us living in and around Delhi, the Destination wedding venue is not more than some hours’ drive and does not involve a grand outfit. I would suggest to put together an outfit from what we already have in our closet....

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Desi LBD


    I love my lbd(Little black dress), not because it is black but it provides a beautiful canvas to experiment.Β  There is not a particular style that forms the basic lbd, it could be a skater, A-line, pleated, just about anything. The one I am wearing is straight fit, just below knees and is perfect for day/night wear. The fabric is super soft which makes it my go to dress when I am out of options. At one point...

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Day Festive


I How do you like the color grey? Over the years I have realised that it is such a beautiful shade and I have a lot of it in my wardrobe. It is not as subtle as white (which by the way I am not fond of) and is neutral enough to be paired with almost everything. Here I am wearing a plain grey Peplum top with these blue drape pants. Though it is not a very obvious way to...

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Breast Cancer Awareness


There are a lot of famous brands which talk about giving it back to the society, but it makes sense when it is less talking and more action. I am sure each one of us too must have thought about doing something for the underprivileged at some point or the other, however we get so busy balancing our weekdays and weekends that a noble thought like that just become a part of our future plans which hardly sees the light...

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Fluid with Liva


What if I tell you that I know about a fabric as soft as a Marshmallow and is as pretty as it feels? Oh yes, you heard read that right. Remember, the "Liva" tag we see in so many clothes while we are out shopping in the mall? I noticed them in a lot of brands but not all the garments, and as curious as I am as Sherlock Holmes, I asked the nice sale lady about it. So the...

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