Winner Dinner 2


  When you grow up with Doctors all around you, then conversations at home might be weird for a third person. Like, whenever I eat mushrooms, my brother keep blabbering that how a fungus can only love a fungus. Basically my eyes ( are fungus colored to him) and mushroom as is one. I don't really remember how my love for mushroom started because no one at my place have liked consuming it in any form. It is a boon...

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Winner Dinner 1


  Hello guys and girlies, You have entered a very healthy blog today. Now for next one month, you will see a lot of healthy and nutritious meals here. If you have stuck around with me since last two years then you know I did a "Healthy Breakfast challenge" last April for 30 days for which the response was good amazing!  You can check the Archives from April 2015 here. This year I again asked you guys on Snapchat if...

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Easy shop from Jabong app


  I would be lying to say that i was recently introduced to the joys of online shopping. The love started a long long time back, when people would question my ability to "trust" the unknown site/sites so easily. To be honest, I am NOT lazy or anti social that I like to shop in the comfort of my room, actually I go out quite a lot ( all day everyday) and not check-in on my social media, to avoid...

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Going International with Jabong


My affinity for International brands started a little early in life, thanks to all the travelling I did as a kid. Though the real reason I could only understand once I grew up. We say we love fashion and trends, but deep down our soul yearns for comfort. I have an obsession with shoes, specially shoes which are comfortable and stylish. It is no wonder that my heart always deviates towards International brands as I know I will find both there....

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Double fun with India Circus


I love how short trips are so short but aren’t extremely long that packing for it becomes a pain. You get that, don’t you? As much as I enjoy travelling, but that idea of packing for an entire week or two (for my REAL holidays) is exhausting. That’s why short trips come as a long breath of fresh air. Well, packing for 24 hours is a cake walk except the toiletries, but that demands a new post altogether. Let’s concentrate...

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