Powder Cream for Monsoon


When I was invited for the soon to be launched Fair and Lovely Powder cream event I was intrigued. I wasn't very sure what value I could add to it as personally I am not very fond of the whole concept of Whitening creams. Though, now I am not quick to judge people and "creams" too for that matter, I decided to go and check it out myself. The event took place at the gorgeous Shangri-la with some selected bloggers...

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Rock it like Rihanna


You must be wondering what is it with the title of the post today. Well, for starters can we appreciate how edgy and unique Rihanna's style is; she can literally pair up anything with anything and still rock it. Most of it I feel comes up the way you feel inside. If you are really confident of what you wearing then it shows up in your personality and even in the way you walk( or rather strut) out of that...

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Budget Skin Care with Biotique


Do you remember the first time you used "Actual Skin care" products of your choice while growing up. The time when you announced at home that you are old enough to get your personal products of your choice. I vividly remember that time and Biotique was part of it too. My first Hair oil while I was living in Mumbai was "Bhringraj tail" by the brand and how can I forget the good old Walnut Scrub. They were my savior...

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Off that Shoulder


A new trend is born almost every Season, while some I usually say bye to and some become an integral part of my existence. I would be lying if I say being a blogger made me "fashionable", I am still the same tomboy. And I was always aware/informed about ALL the trends doing the rounds around the world because it used to interest me ( That is why love for blogging, right?) But what good blogging has brought me is...

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Winner Dinner 30


And the final day of our 30 day WinnerDinner challenge is here. I wanted this to be simple and something realistic. I am sure you guys now have enough options to choose healthy over anything else ( 3o freaking options people!) You know one of those days when you are too tired after work and still want to consume a slightly healthier option. You don't want to order because it will take at least 30 minutes, and you ain't got...

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