Writing Aquaphobia in caps above made me feel at ease that I have finally accepted it and it’s out in the open.

These cool lingos come up every other day and I had no clue that what I felt about water since years had a name too. So let’s dig in some past.

  • I have done Deep sea diving and snorkelling multiple times. Nobody have forced me to do it. But yes, I have created a scene because I freak out and get anxious while getting inside the water. I always stay 2 inches away from the coach and usually cry for 30 minutes before any water sport.
  • Boats bother me and I usually puke because I keep on thinking how the boat can flip and we will all drown.
  • I have not learnt any kind of swimming ever, so ZERO idea about swimming pools or even basic swimming or floating.
  • I can’t use even a bath tub, even after trying multiple times over the years but I always end up feeling nauseated and dizzy.
  • How deep is the pool never bothers me, because I am even scared of shallow baby pools.
  • I participated in “Devil’s circuit” and finished all the water sports after crying of course only because I woke up at 4am for it and didn’t wanted to go home without a medal. The last task where I had to jump from a height into a pool of ice still give me jitters.

Nobody knows about my Aquaphobia, because I post cool pictures inside the ocean or just fun beach pictures from my travels. When some of my friends get to know, they are shocked and think probably I am kidding because I look confident. YEAH peeing in my pants inside.

Mostly all my travels have been to beach destinations and I can’t even allow my body to float (even with assistance) while wearing life jacket and a tube. NOPE, I can’t!

I joined swimming classes last year as I wanted to get over this word Aquaphobia lol. But sadly the crowd was not okay and I did not need one more reason apart from the water to make me anxious. So I never went.

This year, I checked and rechecked the crowd and enrolled myself for swimming classes. No one asked me to do it, I just wanted to, finally!

Read about my Week 1 of my swimming classes here.

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