Ninja Breakfast 5




Happy Easter you guys!


I would be honest and say that I do not  know much about Easter apart from the fact it has something to do with ‘Eggs’. Glutton much? I did Google it before writing this post, and now I know that it is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Today it is one of the days when people together with their families, share a meal and – of course – eat lots of chocolate! I still have no idea about where the Eggs or the Chocolate Eggs came from though.


Anyhoo, the point is I know that dolled up Eggs are part of Easter celebrations and I got an excuse to dress up my eggs in their fanciest clothes. (Did I just say my eggs?)


I had a hard time boiling eggs, well, because, yeah I cannot cook or boil an egg. The first egg blew open in the boiling water. Other was cracked because I ‘dropped’ it in hot water. Trust me guys it is not easy boiling this tiny thing.


Yeah so when it was done with the help of an ‘adult’ , I just dressed these babies with some beach hat and crazy hair in a gorgeous garden of greens.


After clicking pictures we had to eat it too, although I wish I did not had to. The villain in me then mashed everything and laid it flat on bread with some mustard and relished it.


Did you had Sunday ke Sunday roz khao Ande too?


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