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I remember i was made to have curd and sugar almost all my life before i had to start something important as a gesture of saying “Good Luck”. I thought why not start my blog with a little bit of good luck myself. Hope you like it!

I love colors, a LOT! And i like my food colorful too.So i thought why not combine the pink of strawberries with some shiny brown of the chocolate.


* Strawberries – A box ( Around 15-18)

* curd – 200ml

* Banana – 1

* Grated/powdered Jaggery(gur) – 4  tsp

( Strawberry, banana, chocolate are already sweet so you can skip this step too)

* Chocolate syrup

* Chocolate chips

* Ice cubes

– Mix Strawberries, curd, banana, jaggery, ice cubes in a blender

– Take a fancy glass and pour some chocolate syrup on the sides randomly.

– Fill in the smoothie in the glass.

– Put some chocolate chips and fresh strawberry over the top.

– Eat

It’s healthy, super easy to make, and looks quite fancy too.Good for a lazy day or when guests are over.






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