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The other day I was having some heart to heart with a friend of mine. I was telling her how the weather is giving me rashes, and traveling for work is so tedious these days and how people have been behaving quite weird lately. There was a lot I was ranting about and suddenly in the middle of our one-sided conversation she asked me what did I like most about myself? I was quite flabbergasted, that how rather than listening to me she was asking me this weird question out of nowhere. As she gave me stern looks I gave in. I thought about it for quite some time (It was right out of the movie “Kal ho na ho”. When it’s asked when was last time Naina smiled, and everyone goes “hmmmmmm” – Non filmy buffs please ignore and continue reading) It took me good 10 minutes and I did not come up with any answer. Though in my mind I was thinking “my chameleon eyes – because they change color according to the weather, what I wear, and my mood. But then I thought I should not be saying it as then she would definitely kill me for being so shallow. I could not think of anything honestly.

Well then her next question was what I think are my worst qualities. And Man I gave her a list as fast as Shanker Mahadevan singing Breathless. So the conclusion was that how I really don’t respect and appreciate my good qualities and then how can I expect to see that good in me if I don’t see(remember) it myself. And I have always thought of myself as a narcissist. I absolutely crazily love myself. Still it took me good 10 minutes for not coming up with an answer.

I came back home from work that night and sat all by myself and thought I need to write and remember my good qualities. And surprisingly I wrote five. I am glad I could finally; I need to live up to my reputation of being an absolute Narcissist, no?

So here go my self-loving good qualities:

1.      Smiling – always! I don’t know how I reached this level of awesomeness. But am happy I did. It makes the world around such a better place. Dealing with people/patients has never been easier. Smile removes all the boundaries we have around us.

2.      Honesty – So it’s always been black and white for me. I love the color grey, but not when it comes to speaking. I think I am blunt.

3.    Learnt from Pa, well yeah I don’t know how to charge beyond my hardwork. But I am sure all this would pay one day. Just that day must come thoda super fast now.

4.      Sincerity – Well, I am getting there. Running, walking, crawling but definitely not stopping.

5.      Love – I give it all, that’s all I have ever known.

6.       If I may add one more then well – The way I have been little crazy about fitness and loving/appreciating my body. (This might be one big post for some other day)

So today to fight your Monday blues and all the other different shades of blue. Please spread some love inside you and write your good qualities and keep it with you, on the paper and in your heart ALWAYS! Before anyone appreciates you, let’s give some standing ovation of love, to the soul that is YOU!

And as I read it somewhere, “Your environment is a reflection of you”, so how about sending some good reflections next time.

Enjoy the day, everyday! 🙂




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