Writing Aquaphobia in caps above made me feel at ease that I have finally accepted it and it's out in the open. These cool lingos come up every other day and I had no clue that what I felt about water since years had a name too. So let's dig in some past. I have done Deep sea diving and snorkelling multiple times. Nobody have forced me to do it. But yes, I have created a scene because I freak...

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Swimming Week 1 – Moon The Mermaid

Day 1 - 17.5.2019 I have been wanting to learn swimming since years now. Specially when I am travelling abroad and sign myself up for crazy water sports, I realize it even more. What was stopping me, if you may ask. Well I don't know, probably I've been too scared that I won't be able to OR I am a very good procrastinator. Last year, I did enroll myself for swimming classed but I was horrified of not the pool...

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