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It’s that day of the week I have been waiting for and I wear my running shoes and go grocery shopping. I can’t say about you but I love to stock up on groceries and keep them in my pantry and get all excited about it.

Groceries are something we all need to buy on weekly/monthly basis even if many a times it gets a tedious process of getting in the car, driving to the mall, waiting to park for its the crowded weekend and finally reaching the store. Only if we could omit all these steps and magically land in the store.

Well now you can. I am gonna share my little magic with you guys today – Pepper app. Well its an app you can download on your smart phones and order all you need while catching up on the latest season of Game of Thrones.

You get a variety of products including fruits, vegetables, spices and even bath body products. Can you believe that they have free delivery if you shop for only Rs.250. Nothing can beat that.

If you are one of me who forgot to stock up on eggs during last outing then you can still order it from Pepper app and they will charge a meagre Rs.50 if order is less than Rs.250.

No plastic money is not a hurdle. You can also have the option of Cash on Delivery.

If you are still wondering why you should chose it than you must download it right now(it takes 3minutes) and see the variety of options available to you. I was surprised to see items which I normally don’t see even in the market ever.

The best part about it is you can return the order if you have a problem with any product. There is nothing to lose here guys! What more can you ask for?

Save that drive to the mall and use Pepper app

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