Breast Cancer Awareness

There are a lot of famous brands which talk about giving it back to the society, but it makes sense when it is less talking and more action. I am sure each one of us too must have thought about doing something for the underprivileged at some point or the other, however we get so busy balancing our weekdays and weekends that a noble thought like that just become a part of our future plans which hardly sees the light of the day.

So when I got to know about the “Breast Cancer Initiative” by United Colors of Benetton (UCB) I was happy and shocked. Happy because the disease demands our immediate attention and awareness camp for free would help a lot of women and Shocked because a mainstream Apparel Brand like UCB came forward and actually did it wonderfully.

The rise of Breast Cancer in India is so rampant that if we do not act now, we will be in a major shock in next twenty years. The women in cities still have access to information/treatment regarding it, but the ones in villages still have no clue what Breast Cancer is all about and it is a shame.

For the Check-up camp we went to Nakhrola Village in Manesar, where a Government School was the location for the camp. Everything was done systematically as there were a lot of volunteers to support the cause. Though I wasn’t expecting women is such large number as we know usually they are not as liberal and for them coming out and getting themselves checked was a big deal.

The volunteers were helping the women fill the form, and then doctors were taking their blood sample. Then women were sent to get their X-ray done, report of which will be shared with them in a fortnight. The camp was not just limited to that day, UCB is supporting the women of the village till they are declared cancer free.

After a little inspection with people around I got to know that Mr.Subhash Yadav and his wife Mrs.Sarita Yadav are the reason behind the success of the camp. Mr.Subhash has been helping organize various camps for the past 12 years and the villagers trust him and come. And Mrs.Sarita personally went to each and every household to speak to the women as they were a bit shy and wasn’t sure if they need to get the check-up done. Yes, she literally convinced the women about the urgency of the disease and how they need to get the check-up done.

I also spoke to Ms. Namrata Wakhloo from the UCB team and got to know that this is not the first time they have supported a cause. This past Diwali, the women workers at the factory did make amazing bags for the waste scrap and it was sold out immediately. It was an enlightening that how a brand which is so famous is actually coming forward and giving it back to the society.

And you guys, the initiative it not just limited to villages. As educated females from the city we do get over confident and convince ourselves by just self-examination. But it is not enough, and for that UCB stores has these pink Flash cards at all their stores, which entitles you to get a free check-up and avoid all the risks.

I hope we all come forward and support United Colors of Benetton, India for this noble cause.












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  1. Such a noble initiative!
    Breast cancer is on the rise and it does not show symptoms till late.. It has become absolutely necessary for everyone to get themselves tested..
    Great work volunteering for it Mehak 🙂
    God bless you!

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