Untangled Mornings

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And the Monday comes uninvited again! The good thing, yes THE good thing is that I welcomed it with some morning walk (no running these days) and this new idea I got last night to make my life more functional.

These bands I got last week from the market only because they reminded of the good old telephone ki taar (Handset cord). I tried working these bands on my braided hair and let me be honest the result was nothing less than disastrous.

Lesson learnt – Never give curly bands to curly hair, they would strangle till the end of time.

I so wanted to use these pretty little things somewhere in my life and whoa the girl gets an idea on a Sunday night while untangling the charger for the nth time that day.

The result is for you all to see. Life couldn’t get better. And today, my Monday morning was a no rush Morning. i just had to pick my headphones and put it in my bag. Am glad how these little things add on to good time, taking away lots of stress with them. Lot’s to have gratitude for.

Hindi movies taught me that happiness lies in the littlest of things while we are busy living the big life. So why not take a breath and appreciate these little happy moments we get all the time.


Have a Happy day!

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