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Hello guys!

I see you see we all see that this is a review post. Well because yes it is. I am reviewing the two new Maybelline lip balms today.

I chose Maybelline because it is drugstore friendly brand plus for everyday use I prefer something light, easy and with a tint.

So let’s get started.

Maybelline Candy wow – I have it in the shade Peach. I love how they have come up with a totally new packaging, which resembles quite a lot like a lip crayon. It is retractable with a rounded tip which I feel is easy to apply and store. It is highly pigmented. The pigment is exactly the colour of the tube. The most pigmented shade of all is “Orange”. It is perfect for daily use or when I plan to wear a liner, then I prefer light lips. So they are perfect for that.

They are priced at Rs 275 each.




Indoors DSC06030

This is how it looks – Indoors



And Outdoors


Now coming to the Maybelline Spiced up lip balms : They are in the similar packaging as the original Baby lips. The difference is that they are slightly tinted  and last a little longer than the original one. It keeps the lips hydrated a lot longer and are a saviour for your dry and chapped lips. I feel these are the most hydrating lip balms from the Baby lips range.

They are priced at Rs 175





They are perfect for daily use when you want well hydrated lips with a touch of colour or for days you plan to skip the lipstick.

Buy Baby lips Candy wow – here

Buy Baby lips Spiced Up – here

PS – I can never ever take out a lipstick and apply it publically, but I can easily take these babies out anywhere because hello, it’s a lip balm doing it’s job. It doesn’t hurt if it leaves a tint. And I don’t need a mirror and five long minutes to apply it. But that’s just me.

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