Ninja Breakfast 8



Multi grain bread + chocolate flavoured Peanut butter + strawberry + banana + flax seeds
Also, I just have a thing for open sandwiches. I usually always have open sandwiches.


When you are a little unwell and you need a pick me up which is healthy and full of energy.
I am crazy about Peanut butter. Now the addiction love has gone to the extent that I look for different variants in them just to change my taste. I got this Chocolate version a week back and it is so yum that I have already got two more jars in the pantry already. I might as well call it the healthier baby brother of Nutella.


I was not feeling well yesterday, that is why the delayed post. But I did eat this. Food makes everything fine. Added some color with Strawberry, packed in some real energy with a banana and topped it with the new “super food” in the world, Flax seeds.


Flax seeds have always been around, just that the world noticed it now. They have amazing benefits. Include these tiny stuff in your meals and thank me later or I can do with a little acknowledgment too today.


Flax seeds benfits:
• High in fibre.
• They are healthy fats
• They are gluten free
• Good for digestion
• The best – Improves hair and skin
Convinced? Well there are many more benefits too.
Wait for some days and I will post a link where you can buy this awesome stuff with awesome prices too.
I know,
I am awesome!

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