Mason jar curd

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Curd is a major part of Indian cuisine, especially around this weather. As I am a big fan of trying out new stuff, so thought of making a simple and healthy meal with curd as the main ingredient.

This Mason jar is a big thing around the globe these days, I thought why not we use our old jam and chutney bottles and reuse them.

I usually am in a hurry in the morning and I usually don’t( can’t) skip breakfast but on days like these I carry my bottle smoothie with me.

As its super easy and an awesome find for running late for work (lazy) people like me.

How can I forget to mention it’s full of nutrients and Healthy!


You will need:


*Fruits – I had Strawberry, grapes and banana in my fridge.

*Whole wheat chocolate biscuits

*Protein bar

*Dry fruits

*One teaspoon Honey- for extra sweetness, if you like

– Put the biscuits and Protein bar in a plastic bag and punch it(I used  hammer), put the anger to good use.

– Put strawberries and grapes in the Jar.

– Layer it with a part of curd.

– Add the coarsely done biscuits and protein bar.

– Add banana and dry-fruits

– Layer with curd again

– Repeat all the steps until you jar is filled up

– Top it with honey

– Eat on your way to work only if you are not driving.

Tip- Don’t store it over a day ever. I assure you wouldn’t like what you will taste.

And no I am not crazy in Mornings; I just made a jar for myself. The other jars were for family which I made over the weekend.

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