Ninja Breakfast 27




Mondays are for getting up late and then skipping your breakfast at home and rush to office looking like a zombie? Well not really, if you have smart planning. Or I can plan for you and take that stress off your shoulders.
I have a perfect Monday Breakfast option for you guys. It would not require any effort (or just say two minutes?) And will be so filling and yummy that you might start having it in rotation quite soon.
Without wasting a moment here, let me share with you guys what I had for Breakfast, today:
Crispy grilled Roti rolls


*Take a Roti (any leftover ones form last night dinner party would do too) – Never waste food.
*Layer it with the Celery spread I made here.
*Add a layer of Mayonnaise – choose what is available at home, ketchup would do just fine.
* Add any veggie (fresh or from last night) you have in your fridge – I had Mushrooms, tomatoes, corns, peas from a night before, I just added fresh paneer. (I did add grated cheese on one of the rolls)
* Season them according to your taste.
*Roll it carefully.
* Put in grill and get ready by that time
* Ready to be put in foil and have it on the go.
*Or cut them into two pieces and enjoy the crunchy yummy roll.


Sorry for really bad picture quality today, I was in a rush and was packing my Breakfast; I just had Papaya and Soy milk at home and my crispy rolls on the go.



Have a Happy Monday!



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