Cake Crumb Topping

Best Gheeya Cake

I always used to see the fancy videos of foreigners with that crazy cake crumb topping layer over their cupcakes and used to drool. Well I found out, you can use this cake crumb recipe to put on ANY cake and it would make the top damn yummy and crispy. Crumb Cake Topping INGREDIENTS: Atta/Maida - 12 tablespoonCinnamon - 1 teaspoon Butter - 4 tablespoon (melted)Brown Sugar(granulated ONLY) - 6 tablespoon PROCEDURE: Mix everything together and the mixture should form...

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Beet Bowl of Goodness

This is my easiest Beet bowl of goodness made in under 10 minutes. It will take you more time to read the recipe than making it. I love Beetroots, they are yummy plus have many nutritional benefits which you can google. The girl doesn't want to copy paste those here. I love to use seasonal produce because it is fresh and easily available. Let’s keep it short and simple here. Ingredients – 1 Big Beetroot – Grated (Boiled or raw,...

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